Equine Altitude Wins The Australian Cox Plate

Shamus Award - Our System's Historical Maiden Victory Success!

Story from Matt Stewart, Herald Sun, October 26, 2013 9:17PM

There are supposed to be filters, to eliminate such anomalies. Apparently, company, Equine Altitude International has changed the history of Thoroughbred Racing, perhaps forever, with a breakthrough legal technology!  

The race that definies champions, the race that usually spits back cheeky maiden entries, was won yesterday by a colt who gained the green light from a club that had good cause to scoff him, as it did Elvstroem over a decade ago.

The race has been run 93 times. At close to dinner time last night, it had its first maiden winner.

The raised eyebrows in the mounting yard, the “what the?’’ faces, told the story. A maiden?

Shamus Award beat a chestnut named after a western jingle, Happy Trails. At Flemington stables sit three stables that look a bit different to the rest. Shamus Award spends a fair bit of time in one of them.

In layman’s terms, the oxygen is drawn out, emulating altitude training, like running in the mountains to increase lung capacity.

Shamus Award scaled the mountain yesterday, albeit unexpectedly. O’Brien, the trainer who has invested heavily, and Chad Schofield, David Hayes’ great investment, scaled it with him.. 

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There are many challenges and demands facing today's Racehorses and their trainers. Year round racing, weather and track conditions, demanding training schedules, the new 'no medication' rules and the sophisticated urine and blood testing eliminating many pre-race options have greatly compounded the task. These conditions and lack of options are beginning to affect everyone, primarily the horse. In an effort to improve athletic performance in Racehorses and sport horses, the use of banned substances has surged. Altitude Training for Horses is the ONLY answer!

Beyond the fact that the use of these substances is illegal, many are potentially harmful and deadly to the horses that receive them. EQUINE ALTITUDE INTERNATIONAL is the only company that has tested and proven a solution to rectify these obstacles, both safely and legally. The solution is "ALTITUDE SIMULATION." The use of altitude simulation as a training aid relies on nothing more than the horse's adaptive physiological mechanisms, so there are no harmful side effects nor concerns about illegal drug use.

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